Woman love to dress up and look sexy and beautiful, But that is not possible for many women because after a specific age they start getting weight and lose their body figures. Women also start having weight problem after their pregnancies, they start having extra fats on their belly, legs and even they start having double chins. There are many different techniques that are being used to reduce weight and to get a proper and perfect model like figure but there is one latest technique which has become the talk of the season among people who are facing extra fat problems and that technique is known as Cool Sculpting. Doctors discovered this process when they observed kids having big facing who are used to eat ice pops. This process helps to freeze the fats of the body.This process was approved by FDA in 2010 but it did not get any fame at that time. Now people prefer this method because it is the best alternative to liposuction. This process is best for disembowel love handles and bra bulge. Many people think that this technology is not as workable as it sounds but it is, in reality, the best technology to remove the fats and to get the perfect figure without any surgery.

The process includes the use of paddles in one of four sizes to suction your skin and fat and work like a vacuum. The cooling panels work to solidify the fat cells of the body, this process takes up to two hours. There is no severe pain involved in this process, the patient faces a little discomfort which is not hard to bear. A person can work on a laptop or use a mobile phone during the process. The cooling sensation will numb the muscles and the patient does not feel any pain after a little time during the process.

This process is not designed for people who have major obesity problems, people who are facing weight issues on big scales. This process helps those people who want little bit reduction and change in their fats and body figures. People who are facing major weight problems can go for liposuction and other surgeries. A good doctor will check the age and skin type of the patient. A person with thick and hard tissues and firm tissues will not be able to get very good results after the process. The doctor will guide according to that whether or not this process will be helpful.  A bad doctor who just needs his money will suggest going through this process even if it is not going to help in any way.

There are chances that it will take a few settings to get the desired results, depends on the level of fat in the body. Many patients start complaining that the process is not working after first sitting; they should know that it could take more than one sitting to get desired results.

coolsculpting for weight loss is the best. It will seem that there is no big change in body figure at first but when people will start using their old clothes, they will know that their size has decreased 1 to 2 sizes. The weight will decrease after each treatment. The risks of this treatment are very low as compare to liposuction and other such treatments.