While many people think that those who use drugs use illegal substances like marijuana or cocaine, a growing number of people now suffer from addictions to prescription drugs. A common reason for this type of addiction is because the individual misused a painkiller prescribed by a doctor. You might find that you built up such a tolerance to your prescription that you need to take a higher dose to feel the same effects. pasadena painkiller rehab can help you recover because you’ll go through each step in the process of getting your life back.


Before you take a single class, meet any of the other patients staying there or talk with a doctor, you will need to go through the intake. This allows the professionals working in the treatment center to talk with you about the experiences that you had in the past, the substances that you use and why you felt like you needed help. You’ll also need to submit to some testing to determine your weight and overall health. During intake, you may also need to answer questions about your medical history and family history.


Prescription drug detox is another important thing that you can do at the treatment center. Detox is the first step that you take to get clean and sober. Though you can detox at home, it’s safer to go through detox with medical professionals standing by. The side effects that you experience during detox can range from cold chills and stomach cramps to vomiting and mood swings. When you detox in a professional setting, you can save your family and friends from the hardships associated with watching you detox. Detox can start as soon as you take your last dose.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is an effective part of any drug rehab program. Though some people become addicted to prescription drugs because they like the way those drugs made them feel, others have an underlying cause that the doctor will attempt to determine. Those who suffer from certain mental and emotional disorders may turn to prescription drugs because those substances reduce the symptoms of their conditions. Others have a family history of drug use and grow up in an environment that makes it seem like using drugs on a daily basis is a normal thing. Individual and private counseling will help you get to the root cause of your addiction.

Group Counseling

Drug users often benefit from group counseling sessions in addition to private sessions. When you attend a group session, you sit down in a room with people who use the same prescription drugs that you do. You can talk about your fears together and some of the experiences that you had in the past. No one there will ever judge you or make you feel bad about yourself because they all went through the same things that you did. These sessions also help you build up a network of people you can talk to when things get hard.

Stress Management

One of the biggest problems that you face after leaving rehab is what to do in a stressful situation. Many people use drugs as a way to cope with those situations. When they have an argument with a spouse, get yelled at while at work or get an unexpected bill, they use drugs to escape from that situation. Drug rehab programs offer stress management classes that teach you how to better cope with stressful situations and to manage your thoughts in those moments. You’ll learn healthy ways to cope without using drugs.

Family Therapy

Though rehab programs offer family therapy, these sessions are open to all your friends and loved ones. One of the hardest parts about the recovery process is often deciding what to do to those you hurt or harmed because of your addiction. Family sessions show you how to put all your cards on the table and how to apologize or make amends to your loved ones. They’ll have the chance to talk about how your drug use affected them and what they hope will happen in the future. These sessions are particularly helpful for patients with spouses and kids at home.

Drug rehab programs do not use a one size fits all approach to healing because those who used prescription drugs in the past are so different from each other. When you pick a Pasadena center for your rehab though, you’ll find that you can take classes and attend counseling sessions on your road to recovery.