It goes without mentioning that cosmetic surgery is an investment. You spend a fortune in changing the way you look or the way a part of your body looks and alter it to something that is close-to-perfect. You’re actually investing your dollars on the appearance and you’re gradually gaining confidence once the results start taking shape. Not only do you invest your money but also your energy and time. Hence you have to make sure that your efforts pay off.

Majority of the patients are thrilled with their results after many years of their surgery. But it is vital to understand the results have to be maintained so that they stay in shape. Although it is true that there’s nothing that can stop the impacts of aging and genetics, yet you can try your best to maintain things. Here are few ways in which you can maintain your plastic surgery results till the longest time.

#1: Regular workout and a healthy diet is important

The procedures which contour your body usually transform the curves offer a proportionate and pleasing look. The results might seem to be magical for you but remember that the look will only last when you maintain the ideal weight. Fat removal processes like liposuction will rid you of targeted fat cells but in case you gain weight due to lack of exercise, you will see the fat cells to expand from other sides. Did you have a surgical lifting process done to your body? If answered yes, it is even important to keep your weight in a stable range.

So, the best way of maintaining the results of plastic surgery can be done by exercising regularly and taking a healthy diet. Stick to this rule as this will make you feel great.

#2: Opt for healthy skin practices to see the difference

Soon after the procedure, proper skin care will make a huge difference in scarring. With time, great skin care will help your skin results to look better with time. Scarring is something that will definitely be there no matter what kind of surgery you’ve gone through. Follow the recommendations of your plastic surgery surgeon lest you find the results withering away. Avoid straining your scars as they could become wider and more visible.

Safeguard the incisions under the sun and keep the area clean and use the scar care creams which have been recommended by the doctor.

#3: Healthy habits both from within and outside

Don’t forget that what you put inside your body and outside your body will all have an impact on the results of the surgery. Most of the board certified surgeons like (BJ Cohen) require patients to quit smoking for at least 2 weeks before the surgery. Nicotine has an impact on the healing ability of your skin.

Be honest when your surgeon asks you about your lifestyle habits and confess whatever you do so that he can take the right steps.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the ways in which you can maintain the results of your plastic surgery, follow the above mentioned points.