There are many benefits of cryotherapy. In this therapy, temperature is cooled down to minus 150 Fahrenheit and you have to stay at that temperature for about 2 to 3 minutes. What actually happens after that is when the body is exposed to that much cold, the blood flow is restricted to the limbs and are directed towards the vital organs. This is the normal response of the body in such condition. Staying in there for this much time will help the immune system to make more white cells which reduces the inflammation. On the other hand, it also gives a boost to the endocrine system, which in response release the ‘make you feel good’ hormones and suppress the production of the stress hormone. It is also very beneficial for the circulatory system too.

Temperature stress:

Basically, whatever happens in the chambers revolves around the temperature stress. Like in the massage treatment, the body is treated with pressure in order to release the pain.  Similarly, in the cryotherapy, the body is treated with the extreme temperature to reduce pain. This seems very difficult and dangerous procedure, but it is the best way to reduce pain. Only your body cools down to some level and after that all the functions of the body start working on their optimizing level. You will only feel the difference once you have experienced it. So do that soon.

Severe medical conditions:

Many of us don’t know that the cryotherapy is the best treatment for the many severe conditions like arthritis and muscular problem which has no treatment at all. This treatment is invented by Japan in 1978 and it was tested for the cure of arthritis. Luckily, the scientists got successful and this therapy was then adopted by the US. Now it is widely used to cure different issues. If you also have some kind of pain issue, you can visit the therapist and ask whether this therapy is good for you or not.

There are some special chambers in which the patient has to stand or lay down. The walls of the chamber are then cooled to minus 150 Fahrenheit and the patient has to stand in it for 2 to 3 minutes. These are the few minutes, which can change your life forever.

Skin and sleep:

Cryotherapy also helps to enhance the blood flow towards the skin and this makes it look fresh and healthy. There are many people around us who have the issue of sleeping. They get restless in the night and couldn’t sleep peacefully. You will not believe that cryotherapy can actually help them a lot. After the treatment, they can really get a good night’s sleep. This is a major issue of today’s generation. Many people are taking anti-depressants and stress medicine to get a good nap. However, now they don’t have to do all of that. They just have to do the localized Cryo therapy at AdvancedCryoNyc and all of their problems will vanish.