Glasses are useful tools to normalize and sharpen vision. Glasses usually consist of two parts namely lens and frame. Now, the function of glasses has changed, not only as a tool of vision, glasses are also used as a complement to the appearance. This article will share 5 ways to choose glasses based on aesthetics and comfort. Why? In general the shape of human face is divided into 5; round, square, triangle, heart, and oval. The discrepancy between the shape of the glasses and the shape of the face will make the wearer look strange. Please look at the followings! Hopefully you’ll get an inspiration.

Round face

Face looks round with the width of the face is almost equal to the height of the face. The chin and the jaw lines form a semicircle and the cheeks look pinched.

Suggestions: Select stiff frames that have sharp corners such as boxes or rectangles; you can use the ones wider than the width of your face. Although the rounded glasses look funny, but if applied to a round face will only make the face look like a ball. If you’re now using round-shaped glasses, you need to do eyeglass lenses replacement.

Square Face

The width of the face in the eye area is equal to the width of the face in the area of ​​the mouth.


Choose curved or round lenses. This will make your face shape more proportional. If you use box-shaped glasses, it will make your face look stiff and firmer too. Therefore, if you want to appear as a tough person or need to look more authoritative, you can use box glasses, but avoid rectangular shapes.

Triangle Face

The width of the face on the forehead is smaller than the width of the face on the mouth. The face type has a long jaw line.


Choose lenses shaped like a cat’s eye with details on the top or shapes that extend downwards.

Heart Face

The width of the face on the forehead is greater than the width of the face on the mouth or in contrast to the triangle facial features.


You need to choose round-shaped lenses with the width of the frame slightly wider than the width of the forehead. Select bold frame.

Oval face

Has a wide forehead, round jaw, and a round chin as well. Oval-shaped face is considered as the ideal type of face and perfect compared to other facial shapes. This face type is the most ideal one.


All types of frames suitable for use by oval-faced people. In order to look cool, you can play the color and texture of the glasses. Thick frames make you look cool.

We hope this article can help you in choosing the glasses that can support your appearance. Remember that the mistake in adjusting the sunglasses with your face shape will only worsen your appearance. Have not done it yet? The replacement eyeglass lenses are what you need at this time! Good luck!