Research studies have found that less than 10 percent of the adult population is consuming a diet that meets the minimum requirements of the governments dietary guidelines. Most people are aware that they should be eating a diet that includes fresh vegetables, fruit, lean protein and whole grains. Adequate water intake is also essential, and regular exercise along with less stress is also required for the human body to function properly.


Most people are aware that it is no longer possible to get all the vitamin and mineral nutrition we need in our diet. This is due to the fact that the soil used to grow the produce available in the grocery stores has been overused, and many essential have been depleted. Experts in nutrition now recommend adding a high quality vitamin/mineral supplement to a healthy diet. The problem with this plan is that many supplements are synthetic rather than natural, so they only mimic the more effective natural supplements. Synthetic supplements may also include fillers, additives and artificial colors.


Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients needed on a daily basis. The best way to get the Vitamin C needed is by eating plenty of fruit. This essential vitamin is instrumental in supporting a healthy immune system, and helps to support the repair and growth of bones and tissues. Most Vitamin C products available in stores are composed of synthetic Asorbic acid that is lab created. It is best to search for a vitamin made from whole foods such as Acerola cherry or Camu.


Vitamin D is also essential since this nutrient controls the calcium level in the blood and bones. Since Vitamin D supports calcium uptake to the bones, a deficiency can lead to osteoporosis and weakened bones. It is difficult to get enough of this essential nutrient even with a healthy diet, so health experts advise taking natural Vitamin D every day.


While anyone visiting a brick and mortar store that specializes in selling supplements may find vitamins created from whole foods, an online search for natural vitamins may be more productive. Perhaps the best way an individual can ensure the supplements they purchase are 100 percent natural is to shop for Bioglan vitamins online.


Identifying which supplements are natural and which are synthetic can be difficult, but there are certain steps that can be taken to decide which is the best choice:


1) Look for a product label that says 100% natural. Manufacturers are allowed to advertise their products as natural if at least 10 percent of the ingredients come from natural sources.

2) Look for food sources such as vegetable, citrus, yeast or fish on the label. If there are no natural foods listed, the supplement is synthetic.

3) Search for specific food sources of the vitamins rather than a simple list of the vitamin or mineral. If just Vitamin C is listed, the source is likely to be synthetic Asorbic acid.

4) Look for stabilizers such as gluconate, acetate, bitartrate, chloride or hydrochloride. These are salt derivatives and are used to preserve synthetic supplements.

5) When dl appears with the name of any supplement ingredient it is synthetic.


Supplementation with vitamins and minerals is important for optimum health these days. However, it is essential that the products purchased are natural and of the highest quality.