Do you feel as if your smile makes you look old? If there is some aspect of your teeth that you feel give you an aged appearance, then the first question you should ask yourself is: What is it?

Why Teeth May Look Aged

Generally people associated a straight set of white teeth with youth, whereas crooked and discolored teeth seem that much older. It is easy enough to understand why because as people age their teeth can become more crooked and stained from various habits.

Similarly missing teeth tends to carry the appearance of age as well. Not only that but when you have one or more teeth missing it could affect the entire shape of your mouth, which will further that impression.

If you feel that you have one (or more) of these issues, the solution is simple: Do something about it. While in the past there may have been nothing you could do, dental care now will afford you several different options.

Make Teeth Look Younger

To get a younger smile and make your teeth look younger, there are several different types of treatment that you could undergo, including:

  • Getting braces to correct crooked teeth

You are never too old to get braces – and nowadays they are even some that are less noticeable if you prefer. By wearing braces you could fix the alignment of your teeth and make them look much better.

  • Carrying out teeth whitening treatments

If your teeth are stained then teeth whitening treatments may be ideal. Nowadays you can buy kits over the counter, or for more effective (i.e. faster) treatments you could visit a dentist and have them carried out professionally.

  • Replacing lost teeth

Rest assured that there are ways to replace lost teeth, such as dentures, dental bridges or implants. Generally implants are the ‘best’ option as they will mimic your natural teeth and feel secure, but you should consider the others as well if you aren’t eligible for implants.

Depending on your needs and the condition of your teeth you will find that one (or more) of these procedures could help to reverse the normal effects of age on your teeth. Of course the first thing you should do is consult a dentist Basingstoke to find out more and get their advice on the best way to turn back time and acquire a much younger looking smile.