It’s no surprise that having a regular dentist is preferred over seeing any dentist you pick out of the phonebook whenever a problem arises. But is it really necessary to have a family dentist to care for all the members of your household? The short answer is yes, having a family dentist Charlotte NC provides a wide array of benefits for you and your family.


Having a family dentist means you don’t have to make appointments at different doctors since your household all share the same dentist. Because of this, you can more easily coordinate your family’s checkup around the same timeframe. In some instances, you may even schedule checkups for the same day. The truth is, having a family dentist simplifies your dental care.

Availability of Services

A family dentist provides a wide array of services to properly treat patients of all ages. They need to have the knowledge and skill to treat the youngest in your family, all the way up to the older members. They should also be able to provide regular dental care, such as teeth whitening, as well as more complex dental services.


It is a known fact that, when you feel comfortable with your doctor and trust them, you are more inclined to make and keep regular appointments. This, of course, will mean great news for your oral health. And when that doctor you trust is your family dentist, you will make more effort to ensure all members of your household get the regular checkups they need for the best oral care.


Having a family dentist means they will know your specific health history, which can help tailor the best treatment options for you and your family. It will also give them insider information into any possible diseases that you may be prone too. When your dentist has this information it can help prevent potential oral problems in the future.

Setting an Example

Having the same dentist as your kids will increase the chance of them seeing you sitting in the dentist chair. While that may not sound like much, children learn from examples, and when they see you taking care of your teeth, they will be more likely to keep seeing a dentist regularly throughout their adult life. So lead by example and show your entire family just how important oral health truly is.