Are you looking to replace a lost tooth and weighing your options for doing so? While there are several choices available these days, the one that stands out most is dental implants. As their name suggests they involve a false tooth that is implanted directly into your jaw using titanium screws – and while that might not sound very appetizing, there are actually several reasons why you should opt for one:

  • Strong and durable

In some ways implants are better than actual teeth as they won’t decay or form cavities – and will last you a lifetime. That doesn’t mean you can stop brushing, as you will still need to protect your gums and other natural teeth.

  • Preserves your jaw bone

One of the problems with losing teeth is that gradually your jaw bone will start to deteriorate. Because implants are screwed in they can prevent that from happening – whereas other tooth replacement options do not.

  • Feels secure

Once again due to their fixed nature, implants feel secure and you won’t have to worry about them ‘falling out’ – as is the case with dentures. In fact you probably won’t even notice they are there, and it will feel as though your teeth have been fully restored.

  • Chewing is normal

People with missing teeth or other types of tooth replacements often have difficulty chewing or eating, but that won’t be the case with dental implants. Not only can you chew normally, but you can also eat any foods that you like – regardless of how hard or chewy they may be.

  • Helps retain your mouth’s shape

When you lose teeth it will start to affect the shape of your mouth, and so replacing them with dental implants will help retain it. Because implants are permanent and non-removable, your mouth’s shape will be better preserved than with other options.

Based on those reasons you may be convinced that you need dental implants, but the first step you should take is to find out more about dental implants Bromsgrove and whether or not you’re eligible. If you want to get implants your dentist will have to evaluate the state of your jaw bone to figure out whether it is possible to implant the titanium screw. Assuming it is, you can then take the next step and have the procedure done. After the screw is fused and the fake tooth placed on top of it – you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of implants.